About my work, and work related sorts of things...

I currently work at Disney! Yes, there is a Disney office in Seattle. I work on backend tools, used by sys ops and sys admins throughout the giant corporation that is Disney. We make dreams happen. I, personally, make dreams of configuring an F5 load balancer using a web API possible. Among other things.

I also teach Python at the the UW Professional and Continuing Education Program.

My ideal job is one in which growth and learning are highly valued. Having a project that I can be excited about is a bonus, but I am really interested in working on a team that believes that challenges are fun, and that diversity and working together are good things.

I have worked in several neuroscience labs, including Beth Buffalo's, Michael Shadlen's and Fred Rieke's.

In Beth's lab, I created computer games that are played by monkeys, and used to study how memory works. this article describes the research and games.

Mike was on the Charlie Rose Show talking about his work. I wrote about it on my blog. He shows some movies I coded during the show, and this page is also about movies I have made that re-create other experiments done in the lab.

Please check out my Linkedin profile and/or my resume for more information.

More Random Stuff:

A PDF I wrote to teach myself basic statistics.

A PDF I wrote in an applied math class that explores solving ordinary and partial differential equations numerically in Matlab.

Some of the work in Mike's lab is about bias in decision making, and this "heavy on the math and graphs and light on the explanation pdf" is the result of my playing around with one of the models we use to incorporate bias into an integrator model for decision making. Basic idea is that one collects evidence either for or against a particular answer, and once you collect enough evidence for a particular choice, you cross that bound and make that choice.

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