The most difficult part of the West Coast Trail, I swear, was making arrangements to get to the trail and back. To drive involves a full day of driving there, a full day of driving back, plus ferries, and a day on one side either on a bus going from one end of the trail to the other, or spent shuffling cars. Boy, that just sounds like a fun three days, in a car, on a lot of logging roads, with a ton of gas going through the tank, even without including the fact that David can't stand road trips. So, we opted to take as many different forms of transportation as possible instead. We took a puddle jumper to Tofino, a taxi to Ucluelet, and a passenger ferry to Bamfield. Once we arrived in Bamfield, we still had to arrange a boat and a car ride to get to the trailhead. On the way back, we took a boat from the trailhead to the ranger station, a car into Port Renfrew, and a bus into Victoria. We arrived in Victoria too late to take the Clipper, so spent the night in Victoria and took the Clipper back to Seattle the next day. I tried to figure out how to include a train in our travels, but couldn't pull it off.

My friend Amanda is a travel writer, and is writing a piece about hiking on Vancouver Island. Since all hiking books about Vancouver Island must include the West Coast Trail, there she was with a backpacking adventure laying in her lap. She invited me along, and was kind and brave enough to let David join us.

The trail was just amazing. Here is our saga. Pictures are a collection from both mine and David's cameras. For lessons learned on the trail, see my blog post. Hey, also there are videos.

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