Saturday we went to two IDP camps. The first camp we went to was one in which Pilgrim has been very active. They knew we were coming and had put on quite a presentation for us. They were obviously very grateful to Pilgrim for the work they have been doing here, and wanted to make sure we understood. They danced and sang as we arrived in the camp, and had set up a makeshift shelter for us to sit under, complete with flowers attached to the poles. It was very touching, but the best thing was the play they put on for us about their lives. They also had a couple of people give testimonies about how they had been kidnapped by the LRA and later escaped. The second camp was larger, and they did not prepare for us to come; I'm not sure they knew we were coming. They told us how the karamojong still come and try to steal cattle sometimes, and how one of the men in the camp had been killed by them not very long ago. The camps did not have fences or protection, although we were told that some soldiers had chased the karamojong last time they had come, and had gotten back the cows that had been stolen. These were people that could not return home, since their homes had been too close to where the karamojong live.

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Day 8
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