We left to go to Murchison Falls, and the national park where we would be doing our game drive. We were slowly becoming used to what we were beginning to refer to as "African time", which involved a lot of hurrying up and waiting. Sort of reminds me of the army, actually... Leaving at 9 am usually meant leaving more like 10:30, which often then meant that "time was not on our side", and then involved a big rush. I sort of got used to Ugandan time, but I don't think I would ever get used to the complete lack of cell phone etiquette here. We actually had a tour guide interrupt a tour he was giving to answer a cell phone, and another let his cell phone ring 5 or 6 times while someone else was giving a talk. There didn't seem to be anywhere that it was inappropriate to talk on your cell phone! So after a bit of a late start, we took off for the falls. We decided not to stop for lunch, but just to eat whatever snacks we had available. This turned out to be a very good decision, as we would have had some serious time problems otherwise. On the way to the falls, the van got high centered. They were rebuilding the road, which meant that they had these large mounds, ridges really, of dirt piled up in the road. Our driver tried to go over this giant ridge of soft dirt at an angle. The van was suppose to be 4-wheel drive, but in reality seemed to be rear-wheel drive, and the back tires started spinning. The boys tried to push the van, but had chosen the wrong corner to push, and then started sort of rocking the van, until it looked like they were going to flip the van over entirely. I yelled at them to stop, and then a big earth mover machine came over and pushed the van free with its shovel. Damaged the tail pipe, and the back of the van a bit, but at least we were un-stuck. We then headed off towards the falls again. We got to see a couple of different species of monkeys on the way, which was very fun. I'm not sure about one of the species, but one was the very pretty black and white colobus. The falls were truly spectacular, and we were able to walk around a bit and get different views, complete with rainbow. Then we had to rush to try to make the last ferry across the Nile. Unfortunately, while still a ways away from the ferry dock, the vehicle I was in blew a tire. The other vehicles rushed ahead to ask the ferry captain to wait for us, while our driver and one other person from Pilgrim changed the tire. The jack that we had for our vehicle was not working, so one of the other vehicles left their jack for us. Unfortunately, it did not fit under the frame. Undaunted, the driver stacked the jacks on top of each other, stuck them in a place farther forward on the frame, and went ahead and jacked up the vehicle. Amazingly, they were then able to replace the tire, without the vehicle falling off of the jacks, and this was on a dirt road. We then proceeded with breakneck speed over the pot-hole filled dirt road to the ferry dock, where the ferry seemed to be trying to pull out without us. We boarded the ferry and headed across to the road to the lodge. At the lodge we had a delicious dinner and a good night's sleep.

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