We all piled into vehicles to go meet Dorothy, Devin, Mrs. Allen (Dorothy's mother), Denise (her mother's friend), Emily (a childhood friend of Dorothy's), and Emily's husband Joe. The plan was to go to the source of the Nile (where the White Nile leaves Lake Victoria), and then drive to a game park on the other side of the country. On our way to the source of the Nile, the vehicle Tanika and I were in broke down. The driver could no longer get the gears to engage, we ended up pushing the vehicle (using another vehicle) to the nearest gas station, which was not too far away. Vehicles breaking down is a big part of life in Uganda, as the vehicles tend to be older, and the main roads run from ok to terrible. Since we were not too terribly far away from the source of the Nile at this point, most of us went in the vehicles that were still running, and were dropped off, while the others organized getting the broken vehicle fixed, and then joined us when the cars returned for them. We then took a boat ride around, while a mechanic drove another vehicle for us to use out to the Nile. There were several places selling African crafts, and Tanika and Devin together bargained to buy some African instruments. They did a great job bargaining, and the instruments proved to be a great investment. Not only did they provide hours of entertainment for them during our countless, endless car rides, but the instruments put out pleasing sounds, so the adults weren't annoyed by the endless playing. The instruments did not stay in tune very long, so they ended up spending lots of time tuning them. Once the dust settled after our boat ride, it was late enough that it was decided we would not drive to the game park, but would stay the night again in Kampala, and leave the next morning. We returned to the guest house where we had been staying, and had dinner there.

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