They took us this morning to a slum in Kampala, where Pilgrim sponsors a church that does outreach program for the poor women in the area. It was a strange invitation, as we weren't really thinking about it being Sunday, and, at least some of us were more in the mode of tourist, like yesterday's visit to the church and tomb, so we were surprised when we walked into the middle of a church service. Even though it was the middle of the service, they brought us in and sat us in the head of the church, facing the congregation. After a while, they introduced us as friends from America who were here for Calvin's wedding. We all said hi, and they said how we were on a a tight schedule, and herded us back out again, as they finished the service. The area around the church was a hodge-podge of very small one-room houses made out of whatever materials were available, with little paths or alleys going through and around. Open sewers were the norm, and it looked pretty crowded. Clearly it was a very poor area, but the people were friendly. We found this everywhere we went, but especially with the children, who were always interested in shaking our hands and saying hi. After we left the ghetto, we got in the car to drive to Lake Victoria, where we took a boat ride out to the Ngamba Chimpanzee Sanctuary Island. We arrived on the island in time to see them feeding the chimpanzees. The chimpanzees on the island are orphans that have been rescued from various places for various reasons. Generally they are ones rescued from poachers or smugglers. They have too many chimpanzees already for the size of the island, so they have fixed the orphans. The chimpanzees have the run of the island, but come to the visitor center for their meals.

When we returned to Kampala, we went to a restaurant where a music and dance group was putting on a show. They used traditional instruments, and the dancers would wear traditional outfits from different regions, changing clothes according to the next dance. The audience was about half African, half foreigners, and the director took requests from the audience for various dances. It was very fun, but I was getting very tired, and was not always able to keep my eyes open.

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