Today was the first day of the various seminars that the visitors are putting on for both students at the school and teachers and counselors from all over the area. They have to deal with a lot of people who are suffering from trauma due to the wars that have been going on here for 30 or so years. The kidnapping of boys to make boy soldiers and the kidnapping of girls to make them slaves of the soldiers is just appalling and a widespread through Africa. As well as the problems of poverty, malaria, AIDS, and alcoholism that plague most of Africa. I looked in the classroom used for trauma counseling instruction, and saw a poster where the counselors wrote down the things that they were worried about (I think they were going through the exercises they would later due with others). It was amazing and saddening to me how many of the counselors were writing down they were worried about starving.

I was helping Sam teach science teachers how to use these quite cool computers simulations that she has been helping to create to teach physics. I don't really know how useful it is, since most of these teachers have no access to computers. I heard later that pilgrim is going to try to get computers for these teachers. The simulations themselves are very neat, and I enjoyed playing with them, and learning about her research into physics education. Even if the teachers can't use them with their students for a while, I think they still learned some physics that they can take back and share with their students.

This afternoon I was hoping to use the internet, but the internet does not seem to be working, and the person who takes care of their computers and networks is not here right now. I had wanted to send my mother an email wishing her a happy birthday and letting me know I am ok. And then the power went out, so no hope of internet...

We have been having pretty much the same food everyday since arriving in Soroti (although sometimes we get it at our hotel, and sometimes at another hotel down the road). I had not thought of how spoiled we are in the variety of foods and cuisines we enjoy in Seattle, until I came somewhere that they really do eat the same thing day after day.

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