There is an intro to our trip to Uganda on my Blog.

I don't have pictures from day 6, in which Pilgrim held a development conference. It was very interesting, but also long and boring at times, and didn't make for very interesting pictures. This was something that Pilgrim had set up for the community and politicians to discuss development of the Teso region in general with each other and many of the visitors from the U.S., and to also discuss Pilgrim's fight to get rid of malaria and work to build a university. Politics is definitely not for me. David gave a very good talk, which was well received, and I think the conference was a great idea and, I hope, helpful for the region. After the development conference, three girls arrived to braid my hair. They worked on it for 5 hours, and the results were amazing. They also braided Tanika's hair, but started so late that she was quite tired, and they actually finished it while she was sleeping. There were more than 15 of us who got our hair braided for the wedding.

  • Day 1 - arrival, Tombs of Buganda Kings at Kasubi, Basilica Church of the Uganda Martyrs, Namugongo
  • Day 2 - Kampala slum, chimpanzee sanctuary
  • Day 3 - source of the Nile
  • Day 4 - Murchison Falls National Park
  • Day 5 - Game drive
  • Day 6 - Development Conference
  • Day 7 - Pilgrim school and medical clinic, rock painting
  • Day 8 - IDP camps
  • Day 9 - wedding!
  • Day 10 - Soroti market, girls dormitory
  • Day 11 - helping out at school
  • Day 12 - views of Soroti
  • Day 13 - more of Soroti and mobile medical clinic
  • Days 14-15 - leaving Soroti, leaving Uganda

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