I am angry


by Maria on 29 Mar 2020 - 04:25  

I am so fucking mad right now, and not quite sure how to use this anger to best effect. I am angry because our president and fox news have put our older and compromised friends and relatives at great risk. Coronavirus is a cruel disease that isolates the most isolated even further before they die alone. Trump even has the gall to say he is doing a great job. I don't think I need to cite that one, just search for Trump great job. When he disbanded the global pandemic office, he put us all at grave risk. He has an excuse for everything . We could have had a response similar to South Korea. Governments are the only entities that have the resources to deal with things like pandemics, and we need to keep our government agencies funded and well managed. Now the true cost of cutting back on our most crucial government agencies is showing itself. Imagine how much less stimulus congress would have had to propose if we had had a response like South Korea, where life has been much closer to normal than here. Now we hope that all of the scientists around the world can make up for the piss poor response from our government. Instead we have a president that lies and lies and lies.

Which brings us to Fox News. About half of Fox News viewers are over 50. This is true of other news channels as well, but Fox went to particular trouble to bury any information about the coronavirus, except its impact on economics and politics, and then on sports waay below the fold until after Trump finally got around to addressing it himself. On March 10th I called my parents, who have several risk factors, and they thought the fuss about coronavirus was overblown. I looked on Fox News, and I understood why they thought that way. Fox News was clearly trying to give their viewers that impression. I'm not the only one who noticed.

I am so sorry for all of you who have already lost loved ones. I hope the scientists are able to undo some of the potential damage that has been done, and I trust we will all remember come November who put this nation at extreme risk. And to be clear, it was NOT the previous administration.


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