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by Maria on 11 Mar 2017 - 23:51  

I was in the US Army in Korea working as a truck mechanic when I was just 18 years old. It was one of the most difficult years of my life. My roommate used to say, I must have looked like an ex-girlfriend of my commander (that he hated). I spent one-third of my tour in Korea on restriction. I was not an angel, by any means, but I was also just a kid, and clearly being made an example of. But, I was also lucky. My roommate befriended me, took me under her wing, and when she had to leave Korea before me, made sure there would be someone else looking out for me after she left. I honestly don't know how I would have survived that year without her. She was my best friend for that year, and I learned so much from her. But, the three most important things that I learned were:

  1. Prince is awesome.
  2. Women have to look out for each other.
  3. There is always someone whose life sucks more than mine.

Aletha never complained about her situation. But I could easily see, that as much as my life sucked while I was in Korea, and it did, Aletha was in a worse position. She had young children that she couldn't see while in she was in Korea, which was a year assignment. I can't even imagine how hard this was for her. This was in the days of no internet, just very expensive long distance phone calls, across many time zones. While in Korea, she realized that she didn't love her husband, that he didn't respect her, and that she was in love with a man she met in Korea, whom she would have to say goodbye forever to, when she left at the end of her tour. Lame.

It is so hard for me to listen to Prince now. It makes me happy, because Prince. And it makes me sad, because he is no longer with us, and it takes me back in time to visit a person I have lost track of, but after decades, still has a big place in my heart. Wherever you are Aletha, I hope you are having a great life, and that you know how much I appreciate you looking out for me all of those years ago. I do my best to pay it forward. :)

I still work in a male-dominated industry (software), and I still try to reach out and help other women. And I still listen to Prince.

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