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by maria on 19.03.2008 - 22:26  

Children's hospital near us (about 4 blocks away) wants to expand a whole bunch. I love that their goal is for each kid to have a room to themselves and their family. My niece spent many, many weeks in hospital rooms, many shared, and it is so difficult. When kids are in the hospital, one or both parents pretty much live there, so having a child in the hospital when you have to share a room is like sharing a small hotel room with another family. Except the rooms are crowded with equipment, parents are usually sleeping on uncomfortable couches, and there are many crying fits, various tantrums, and its the place where kids get injected, inspected, detected, infected, neglected and selected at all times of the day and night. It is definitely not a lot of fun, even for a short stay, and being in the hospital is already no fun, under the best of circumstances, so I am all for private hospital rooms for children, even if it means I have to put up with a bigger facility near us.

Apparently a lot of the neighbors are "concerned" about the expansion. I knew I was moving into a city when I moved here, and I can think of a lot of things I would be way more upset about moving into (or expanding into) my "backyard". I do get that it will be a long-term construction project, and not fun to live near for quite some time. That is the negative of living in a city. I love that I can walk to restaurants, stores, coffee shops, doctors offices, and yes the hospital. But someone had to build them, and I am willing to put up with the building of them, because I want to live near these things. That is why I live in a city. I must add that I do understand, and agree, that it is good for the neighborhood to put some pressure on Children's to make sure they are looking out for the neighborhood, but sometimes I think what many of the protesters really want is to live in suburbia.

Speaking of a pain to live near, Husky football games are loud, attract a lot of loud, purple people, and they cause huge traffic jams as well, but I'm probably not going to get many takers on tearing down the Stadium. All a matter of perspective, of course, but football causes many more disturbances in my book, then Children's Hospital, and for a less nobler cause.

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