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by maria on 12.03.2008 - 23:29  

So, when I was in Uganda, these very nice girls were braiding my hair for the wedding, and one of them asked me if I was born again. I told her no, well, actually I had been born again when I was in sixth grade, but I no longer believed. She asked me why, and I explained how I got very turned off of Christianity, because I had met so many that were horrible hypocrites, and some that were just plain mean. We kind of left it at that. I thought about bringing up the inherent unfairness of Christianity, but decided that her religion seemed to be doing her good, and if she wanted to drop pressing her religion on me, then I wasn't going to try to dissuade her from her religion. But, I do have to wonder what born again Christians think about the inherent unfairness of being born again. I remember being bothered by it as a child, and I would think it would bother adults enough to dissuade them, but clearly I'm wrong. There I go again, assuming people make choices like this rationally.

So, I was taught that even if someone had never met a Christian or heard anything about Christianity, if they failed to somehow decide to take Christ into their hearts, even having never heard of him, then they would go to hell. This was why it was so important to proselytize to anyone and everyone you possibly could. Which I also found unbearable, as I am not a saleswoman, but that is a side point. My point is that it just seems so random. So, if I grow up in a muslim family, surrounded by other muslims, never hear of Jesus (Ok, this was a bit more realistic a few years ago, but still, it could happen!), and then die, then that's it, I go to hell? Doesn't matter that I was an outstanding muslim, and that I lived a godly life? Maybe I was a better Christian (ie, lived according to the teachings of Christ, just by coincidence), then Jimmy Swaggart (I mean, how hard is that?), but I still go to hell, and Jimmy goes to heaven? What kind of grace is that? Oh, wait, even better. I am a completely despicable person. Someone teaches me about the invisible pink unicorn, and I see the error of my ways, beg forgiveness, and become a loving, wonderful person. Ok, maybe not the unicorn, but this does happen to people with religions other than Christianity, but they are apparently also screwed, because they called the god that they prayed to for forgiveness the wrong name. So much for grace.

I don't get the whole faith bit either. I am suppose to believe in Christianity, even though I have no proof, because of faith? But if I choose to believe in the flying spaghetti monster based on faith, and also no proof, then I am screwed. Humph. But, since I was taught that once you are born again, you are always born again, I'm ok, because I really was sincere in sixth grade. :-p

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