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by Maria on 21.11.2007 - 03:19  

The other day, David told me that there existed some sort of external tray that you could set internal drives into so you could access them easily. I got very excited about this, so I looked around. I found something very sweet:

You can hook up the hard drive to this cable and plug it into a usb port. How cool is that? That will tremendously cut down on the time I spend opening computer boxes and moving hard drives around! Can't wait to get it.

Speaking of playing with hard drives, I finally did some research about ide/ata hard drives and cables. I use to think there was something wrong with some of my motherboards and/or cables, because of strange behavior regarding what drive was being considered the boot drive, or even whether drives would show up in bios. Turns out there are two different kinds of ide/ata cables. Some of them don't respect the cable select setting. Sometimes adding a hard drive to a cable causes the position of the master to change. So, if you thought you could just add in a second hard drive, boot from the original, and check to see what was on the second hard drive, nope, now it will try to boot from the second hard drive. There is a good reference about how the cables work here:

I am deeply embarrassed by how long it took me to look this up, but very glad I finally did. Explains a lot... I think part of the reason that it took so long is that most of the time when I am dealing with moving drives around it is when I am dealing with some failure, and so I assumed it was part of the failure. It looks like has a lot of good information about all kinds of computer hardware.

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