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by maria on 22.04.2009 - 01:45  

Recently I came across this blog post, The Email Problem and How to Solve it. I wouldn't say there were a whole lot of solutions presented, but it got me thinking about how much time I spend checking email. Part of the problem is that many of us are tied to email in a fundamental way for our jobs. Right now I am having problems with computers overheating, so if I am not right next to the computer room, and checking the temperature as regularly as I check my email, then I do need to be checking my email often, to make sure I am not getting an email from the server telling me, "hey, I'm overheating, do something!" My job being computer admin, there are all kinds of reasons why I have to be checking my email regularly. But it is a major distraction, and it is often difficult to get back on task after checking it. I think one solution that the author did not really touch on is to expand the tagging ability of emails and the filtering of alerts. Right now we can tag emails after we have read them as important, but other than using capital letters in the subject, it is difficult to tag an email before you send it. It would be great if I could filter my email alerts to critical sometimes, kind of like a 'do not disturb except during emergencies' sign, and only be told about servers overheating or other true emergencies when I am in the middle of some programming that takes all of my concentration. Or even creating different levels of alerts would be a good start, for example, when I am in critical work mode, I only want to know about emails from my computers and my boss.

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13.05.2009 - 22:12  

Cally Bro comments:

I've been learning how to manage e-mail much better lately. A lot of it is about being decisive, moving things out of the inbox and into folders, and letting things sort themselves out for the a few hours before jumping in. I think my next move is going to be what they suggest in this article about only checking e-mail at set periods of the day. Unfortunately, though, when I'm working I often have to reference e-mails, which means that I can see the new ones that have come in....