by maria on 07.02.2009 - 23:21  

I'm with the the Stranger Slog on this one. Pot smoking should not be illegal, and Phelps should not be apologizing for smoking it. I love this quote "Here is the implication the swimming team makes and Phelps's apology upholds: if you smoke pot, you can't grow up to be a great athlete, star, success, etc. Well-lo and fucking behold-you can." Not only that, but whoever heard of anyone dying from smoking too much pot? I think that makes it a safer bet than alcohol (the total number of deaths with any mention of alcohol poisoning is 1,393 per year), possibly even safer then gambling (and certainly less likely to ruin you financially). We waste a bunch of money and resources chasing down pot smokers, when we could be making money off taxation of it, as we do with so many other vices. Not that I am trying to say that pot smoking doesn't have negative effects, of course, it does. But, if we are going to allow vices that do marginal harm, then it seems to me that marijuana is a great candidate, and making it illegal hasn't done much of anything towards making it less harmful. Another good quote from the slog, "About one-third of the country has smoked pot, and those stoners who act like it's a sin are part of the reason we're so reluctant to fix pot laws". Now, where are those corn flakes?

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