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Bobbie and Harold Hort
Bobbie and Harold Hort

My aunt died a few days ago. It was not unexpected, as her health was poor, but it was still too soon. I had hoped to visit her again before she passed, but it seems I waited too long. I hope she knew how much I loved and appreciated her. We never lived very near each other, but I always enjoyed visiting her. I always thought it was quite special that my daughter was born on the same day as Bobbie, November 14.

I left for the army when I was just 17 years old, and after training I was stationed in Korea for a year. I then moved to Fort Hood, Texas. I lived there for two and a half years, and the only person from my family that ever visited me there was Bobbie, who came down from Nebraska and stayed with us for a few days. I was so grateful to have that contact, as my time in the army was far from easy.

Thank you Bobbie.

Bobbie's old farm holds so many wonderful memories for me. When I was young, playing on the farm, surrounded by family and animals, was like a little piece of heaven. Until my brother and I discovered that red ants bite. Being city folks, the farm was an infinite source of new intrigues. Bobbie is always central to that memory. She always had a fun story and words of wisdom. Not to mention a bit of candy.

Thank you Bobbie.

She was an inspiration. First woman firefighter in the state of Nebraska. I remember learning that and thinking how cool, that's my aunt. She weathered some mighty storms, and helped others to weather theirs.

Thank you Bobbie.

It is very unfortunate that I don't believe I ever told her these things. I hope she knew that she was an inspiration to me, that I very much appreciated having her as an aunt, and that I love her and will miss her.

I have posted some pictures.

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Beautifully detailed, Maria. I sent her a card when she was sick letting her know how much she meant to me, but I didn't go into this sort of meaningful detail. Great remembrances.