Can I piss you off? Or give you compost?


by maria on 14.11.2007 - 01:50  

It is probably dangerous for me to blog. It is apparently dangerous for me to email, and blogging is open to that many more people to annoy and piss off.

I guess it is a sign of what a geek I have become that every time I start to write a blog entry, I end up tweaking the code that makes the blog instead of actually writing anything. Probably better that way, less likely to piss people off. I wonder if I use to piss people off with letters too, or if this is just an email phenomenon?

I've been trying to figure out how to compost. I just can't get in the habit of emptying the bucket in the kitchen regularly enough. Probably it would help to have the compost container outside closer to the door, but I'm not sure there is really anyplace for it there. I wonder how disgusting it would be to have a larger, interim bucket outside by the door, and then I wouldn't have to walk out to the back corner of the yard as often.

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