by maria on 27.08.2008 - 21:31  

All this uproar about whether Obama is qualified to be commander in chief. Well, good grief, can he possibly do worse than our current president who sat for several minutes in a classroom after he learned about the 2nd attack on the twin towers? Apparently he was waiting for his aids to tell him what to do. Ah, yes, marvelous leadership. This on top of his scandalous military record, it would seem to me we can hardly do worse. It seems to me that what is most important in a president is his willingness to lead when called upon to do so, and to seek out the best advice, even if it conflicts with his preconceived notions, in all situations. Just because we have elected someone as president doesn't mean they have all of the answers. Obama seems to me much more likely to do this than McCain, but I would be happy to be proved wrong.

Loved this quote from the NYTime: It was largely overlooked, but the former Republican congressman from Iowa, Jim Leach, now an Obama supporter, framed it well in a speech on Monday. "Nothing is riskier than more of the same," he said.

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