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The year I was eleven was a big year for me and my brother. That was the year my grandmother died. The year we missed a couple of months of school. That was also the year my brother and I lived with friends in Rochester, NY for a month or two while our parents got settled in our new home in Steilacoom, WA. That was the year Mt. St. Helens blew. That was the year we moved across the country. Things were never the same after that year, not even remotely. The next ten years were the most difficult of my life. I had a lot of fun, but it was also the school of very hard knocks. So, now my daughter is eleven. And now I wonder, what should I do? She can't really learn from my mistakes, but maybe she can, a little. What do I tell her, what do I not tell her? Should I try to protect her as much as possible while I can? She has already had more knocks than I, at eleven. When is the best time to first encounter the real hard school of knocks? And how can we be best prepared (or prepare our kids)? a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j,k,l,m,n,o,p,q, Ahrrr!

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You have to tell her as much as you can. My problems in life were mostly related to the fact that i grew up religious, and my parents were too stupid to teach me anything about real life. I only learned when I moved out on my own to Seattle in my teens. I always wished I knew more about the world before then, so I would advise teaching as much as you can, give her inspiring books to read in a couple years, like "Backlash: the undeclared war against american women", or, ahem, "cunt". do what you want, obviously, but i feel nothing is worse than how i grew up, which led me to waste all of my 20s in a drug and alcohol blur.