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by me on 09.07.2008 - 15:19  

I love where I live. Yes, it would be nice to be a block or two closer to the water, away from the rentals and abandoned houses, but overall, I love where I live. Today, I was frustrated with work, and didn't know how to proceed. I walked three blocks from my house to the University's horticulture center. I didn't solve my work problems, but, man, their gardens are really beautiful right now. Flowers blooming, everything very lush and green, sumptuous smells, birds singing. More gorgeous gardens are on the other side of the horitulture center. Beyond the gardens is the Union Bay Natural Area, which ages ago use to be a dump, but is being restored to wetlands. These days it is a lovely place to take a walk, right next to the water, and with its fair share of wildlife. This and a gym separate me from my place of work. Not bad. Additionally, there are tons of restaurants, cafes, and various stores in easy walk of my house. And, one of the largest bike trails in the city, the Burke-Gilman bike trail is a block away. The biggest drawback to where I live? My boyfriend's commute, which he has put up with for about 7 years now. I wish I could make his commute go away, but the city isn't helping me with that one. Too bad we can't exchange work places, and I could just take the commute for a while; it would only be fair.

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