the killing fields



by me again on 06.07.2008 - 00:57  

I recently finished reading "First they Killed my Father". It was a beautifully written story about times so sad I cannot put myself in the author's shoes. What a horrible place and time to live. Just unimaginable. What were all of those soldiers thinking? How were they blackmailed or brainwashed to do such terrible things? What is the best way to stop calamities like this from happening?

Reading about this tragedy got me thinking of the various places and times around the earth that huge numbers of people are/were killed in decidedly one-sided killing sprees. And then I thought about the ordeal not that long ago as to whether we would help in Rwanda or whether we shouldn't because someone said it didn't qualify as a genocide. But we knew thousands of people were being killed. Do we really believe that people who say "never again" are only referring to the case that the motivation is race hatred? No, of course not, we need to stop all mass killings of human beings, period. What part of "this is wrong" on all levels do politicians not get? The world has to start policing itself. We can no longer tolerate "governments" killing people living in their states, regardless of the motivation. All countries should participate in the policing, not any of this unilateral crap. I believe this intolerance should be applied to the death penalty as well, (but I know this is a long-term goal). If there is one thing that has been proven continuously as long as there has been recorded history, it is that we are imperfect beings. Death is irrevocable; this is compelling.

To anyone in a position of power in the world today: Grow the hell up, I mean, really.

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