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by me on 23.06.2008 - 12:54  

Recently, there was an article posted in the New Scientist titled 'Bad guys really do get the most girls.'

The article tries to explain how some antisocial personality traits persist in the human population despite "their potentially grave cultural costs" and is based on two recent studies. Their first mistake is that they attempt to explain why these traits persist in males, ignoring the fact that these traits also occur in females. No surprise the studies seem to have both been done by males. Typical. If we can explain it in males, problem solved. But the worst part of the studies is how they went about it. They determined that males that are likely to have these traits: "the self-obsession of narcissism; the impulsive, thrill-seeking and callous behaviour of psychopaths; and the deceitful and exploitative nature of Machiavellianism" are more likely to have a prolific sex life, and they determined this by asking these people about their sex lives. Um, aren't these the very people you would expect to LIE ABOUT THEIR SEXUAL PROWESS? Great study. What were they thinking?

Don't these people have better things to do then try to justify their inability to get women? Something tells me it isn't them being a nice guy that keeps them from getting a date. It is probably their misogynist attitudes. And, it appears to me that it is MEN who are abetting the stereotype of the bad guy getting the girls, not actual behavior of girls. Last time I checked it wasn't a woman who wrote all of those James Bond books, directed all of the bad guy films, or wrote this ridiculous study!

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23.06.2008 - 17:08  

Loquacity comments:

Thanks for the post, Maria. It's misinformed and badly-researched articles like this one that makes women's position so much harder to defend. And in New Scientist too! I would be interested to see a study asking women what 'kind' of man they are most attracted to. Because although the bad guys may 'get the girls', most don't show their 'bad' side until well after the girl has been got.

23.06.2008 - 18:56  

DeeDee comments:

What were they thinking? They weren't - well, not with the head above the collarbone, at least. This is the problem with "studies" done about sexual prowess that are done by men only (and narcissistic ones at that, with apparent delusions of grandeur).

I suppose "bad guys" *might* get more frequent sex with a lot of different women (according to themselves). So now, an STD just waiting to happen and spread far and wide is suddenly a good thing? Well now, there's something to promote, eh? Pffft!

These guys do not and can not have relationships with women - only sex (and that does not a relationship make) - and I might add that it was not mentioned whether or not that casual and frequent sex with numerous women they CLAIM to have is even CONSENSUAL or not. Zoiks.

That they can manipulate, hoover and schmooze a woman into bed (and their sociopathic, abusive side only appears thereafter, once they've gotten what they want from her) - says more about them than women. It says they are schmucks, manipulators and con artists who target women - suck them in, use them, then toss them out.

And I erroneously thought it might be possible that the male specimens of this race would someday evolve beyond knuckle-dragging, chest-beating caveman stage and actually learn to walk upright.

But - I guess not. And they're SO PROUD of themselves for that, too, then of course, they blame WOMEN for their unwillingness to walk upright and to like men instead of beasts.

It's ironic to me that they claim to be such strong things and so superior, but that they are simultaneously oh-so-dependent on WOMEN to modulate their very nature and behavior (well, when it's convenient and they need someone to blame for it).

Methinks they doth preen and projecteth too much!

24.06.2008 - 08:11  


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